There are a variety of searches that have shown that playing Game Of War(GOW) definitely increases the thickness of the cortex and also the efficiency of your brain. So if you’re a normal GOW player then you can manage to increase the grey matter content of your brain. So if you’re playing GOW for at least 30 mins a day then over a period of 3 to 4 months you definitely can manage to increase the energy level of your brain. GOW definitely is a game which requires lots of combination of your cognitive skills. In a series of researches performed on different GOW players it’s proved that players who played GOW had greater brain efficiency.

Most players playing this game can enjoy this game online and also offline on their consoles, phones and gaming machines. GOW is a game which involves lots of co-ordination among visual, auditory and physiological portions of the brain. It will help in developing learning and thinking skills in most players. This game definitely does have the capability to increase the grey matter of the motor area of your brain. The escalation in cortical thickness is also associated with increase in grey matter in the brain of any person. So if you are a normal GOW player you may become better at the game, but also you IQ level may go up if some studies are true. Regular practice definitely does make playing this game much easier in both girls and boys alike. Combing game of war with cheats can make it even easier to get numerous golds and other points. So when playing this game you definitely can exercise your brain on a regular basis to increase its processing speed and it reasoning tactics along with working memory. There are a variety of websites that do supply you with GOW online games so you might never have to download as you can manage to play this game online using your internet browser.