Benefits of Playing GOW- Fire Age

There are a variety of searches that have shown that playing Game Of War(GOW) definitely increases the thickness of the cortex and also the efficiency of your brain. So if you’re a normal GOW player then you can manage to increase the grey matter content of your brain. So if you’re playing GOW for at least 30 mins a day then over a period of 3 to 4 months you definitely can manage to increase the energy level of your brain. GOW definitely is a game which requires lots of combination of your cognitive skills. In a series of researches performed on different GOW players it’s proved that players who played GOW had greater brain efficiency.

Most players playing this game can enjoy this game online and also offline on their consoles, phones and gaming machines. GOW is a game which involves lots of co-ordination among visual, auditory and physiological portions of the brain. It will help in developing learning and thinking skills in most players. This game definitely does have the capability to increase the grey matter of the motor area of your brain. The escalation in cortical thickness is also associated with increase in grey matter in the brain of any person. So if you are a normal GOW player you may become better at the game, but also you IQ level may go up if some studies are true. Regular practice definitely does make playing this game much easier in both girls and boys alike. Combing game of war with cheats can make it even easier to get numerous golds and other points. So when playing this game you definitely can exercise your brain on a regular basis to increase its processing speed and it reasoning tactics along with working memory. There are a variety of websites that do supply you with GOW online games so you might never have to download as you can manage to play this game online using your internet browser.

The Most Popular App On iPhone

Now download whatsapp for pc absolutely free. Whatsapp is the largest growing social community where peoples connect to each other. It has over 100 million users and increases day by day. You can take idea from there that Facebook’s owner “Mark Zuckerberg” bought this network because Whatsapp was giving hard competition to Facebook.

Whatsapp was not possible to download on pc till now officially but now Whatsapp officially announced the web version of it and now any user of Whatsapp can use Whatsapp on PC too. There are many ways to download Whatsapp for but today I will tell you the exact way to install and download whatsapp for pc free.

What Is Whatsapp?

I think that is a stupid question but I want to tell to my readers that Whatsapp is social messaging app like Facebook, Twitter and others. With Whatsapp we can chat with friends with unlimited characters limit, send files to them, share real time location, send smileys and now we can talk via Whatsapp Calling feature also. Currently Whatsapp is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Java and Blackberry platforms but now you can install and download Whatsapp for pc too

Features of Whatsapp: –
1.Send Unlimited Characters In CHAT
2.Now you call via Whatsapp Calling feature
3.Privacy Options for your safety
4.Send smileys and files to friends
5.Simple and understandable user interface
6.Create groups and can join friends in it
7.You can send voice recording and selfie too

Install or Download WhatsApp For Pc 8.1/7/8 PC/laptop For Free
There are many ways to install and download whatsapp for pc free. The very popular but old way is to download bluestacks and then use Whatsapp in it. But that is very complicated and old way to use Whatsapp on pc. But today, I will cover some awesome tricks to use whatsapp for pc free. So friends let check the ways
#1 Using Whatsapp Web

1.Whatsapp web is the officially released way to use whatsapp on pc. For this you have to open your phone’s Whatsapp and then open this link in your web browser.
2.Now go to your phone’s whatsapp and then left click to open Whatsapp settings
3.Go to “Whatsapp Web”
4.After go to “Whatsapp Web”. You will see that phone’s camera open with scanning QR code
5.Now go to and you will see screen like below
6.Now cover web browser’s QR code with phone’s QR code scanner
7.Tadaaaa, now you will see that your Whatsapp account will be shown on your web browser

Note: – Please keep in mind that you will be logged in your web browser till you are logged in from your mobile phone. Once you turned off your phone’s mobile data, your Web Whatsapp will also be turned off. So, keep this thing in your mind while using Whatsapp on pc
Download WhatsApp For PC 7/8 Without using Bluestacks

this is another way to download Whatsapp for pc. Bluestacks was the very popular trick to download whatsapp for pc but bluestacks has very flaws and required good amount of RAM configure in PC which is not possible for all users. So bluestacks gone flops but i will you another emulator like bluestacks which helps you to download and run whatsapp for pc without a single error

1. First go to Youwave official site and download Android Youwave Emulator
2.Download the file and install Youwave emulator in your pc
3.Now open Youwave android emulator and go to left upper side of the tool as below
4.Now click on the button appear on the left upper side of the tool
5.Now you will see some apps appearing om the screen, there you will find Whatsapp
6.Just download Whatsapp by clicking on the WhatsApp, and restart the tool
7.Now you are done, open the android emulator again and you will see whatsapp installed there

So, friends here is the tutorial to download whatsapp for pc and to install whatsapp for pc, laptop also. I hope you liked the tutorial and it helps you to download whatsapp for pc. But in case if you got some error or have some question in your mind, Then feel free to comment here. I will give reply as soon as possible. Till than stay tuned with us.