If you like to sing but want to know how to sing better you need to learn to use your diaphragm rather than your throat. Your diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that sits just below your lungs. It is the strength of this muscle that will help you sing better and project your voice without staining your throat and possibly damaging your delicate vocal chords. To improve your diaphragm play with my singing monsters, the monsters in the game require you to sing in the diaphragm they want. Make sure to know about my singing monsters tricks before playing my singing monsters without any cheats.

Tips on singing using the diaphragm: Sing a single note as you normally do when you are practicing. Sing that same note but this time someone to gently but firmly push your stomach in, towards your spine. You will hear the difference this makes to your sound. Do this several times and really listen to yourself. Try to memories how it feels and sounds. Now do the same thing but with your own hands. Use a firm but gentle pressure until you hear the same sound as before Do it softly until you can repeat the sound without using your hands.

Things to look out for: When you take that first breath to sing make sure your shoulders are relaxed and don’t move up. Your throat shouldn’t tense up either.

Still not sure then try these exercises: Lay down and place your hands on your tummy. Feel the air going in and out as you breath. Concentrate on the feeling of your hands rising and falling.
Take a deep breath and bend down with your knees straight. Let it out and take another deep breath in the bent position. This breath will use your diaphragm. Try to memories that feeling and re-create it standing up. Once you know what it feels like try holding a note while you squat down or try picking up a small object and lifting it above your head as you sing. If you want to know more about how to sing better there are online singing lessons that can help you.