ZbigZ is one of the most popular torrent leecher service which lets people download torrent files without using a bittorrent client. ZbigZ is the most used leecher as it gives the torrent downloading speed which no other leecher offers. People use zbigz premium account to download their favorite tv shows which they aren’t able to watch on television due to country restrictions.

Some of the most popular TV shows are Games of Thrones, The Crown, Big Bang Theory etc. Games of Thrones is a TV series with a total of seven released seasons which features a fictitious world where different kings and lords fight each other to claim victory on the seven realms. The Show is mixes love and sacrifice with the ongoing war. Families and Houses are brought to end. A zombie like character also engages for war upon humans. The TV show is one of the most watched series in globe. It is reported to be one of the most downloaded torrents. The TV Shows began airing on 2012 and would hopefully end in 2019 with its eight and last season installment as it last season.

The Crown is another British TV Show. It is based on the real life of United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II. It starts just after the death of King George IV. The show aired on various Channels in 2016 with it’s second season realizing recently. As the show is not aired in a certain number of countries people use torrents to watch its recorded video. It is also among the most downloaded and watched torrents on the planet.

The Big Bang Theory, unlike the other shows it isn’t popular but very popular. This show has been watched more times than any other show. It recently aired its 11th season and the shows are based on the life of friends and family of Five main characters. The show is based on comedy script.

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