So far, the run up into the 2016 elections was, at different times, weird or entertaining, but largely fascinating, thanks to social network. And don’t we know for who’s this spending budget allocated for? Long story short, the attempts of candidates as well as their social network bureaus appear to be focused towards winning affection of millennials, and although nobody can tell today which candidate will win the elections afterwards this year, one thing is clear: societal networking is winning the elections today. The interesting part is that even elected politicians use social media to keep their political career on track.

Snapchat was hacked and several important data were stolen by flockpost snapchat hack to analysis audience/votes statistics. Foreign companies used this snapchat password hack to gather and analyse tons of data which were mainly opinion of the voters. There foreign firms were able to know what the voters like and what they don’t. They hosted a breakfast event in Washington by spreading the proverbial red carpet for election applicants. Plus they went on to associate with Square so voters could tweet their contributions to their favourable parties and applicants. Eric Laurence, Facebooks head of U.S. Industry for Politics and Government, once mentioned the advantages of their video advertisements saying it was a terrific way to reach and mobilise voters and supporters that candidates need to win elections.

He also added that those voters are on snapchat, which isn’t far off the mark, counting the 200 million U.S. Citizens actively using Snapchat. The Business has a dedicated team which meets applicants and provides assistance with Facebook advertising services. Even the fairly new entrants such as Snapchat are proffering filters and 10 second video advertisements catered to political campaigns. The first few candidates to run advertisements on it platform were John Kasich, Rand Paul and Scott Walker. Snapchat even hired ex Google leader Rob Saliterman, who led political ad sales throughout the George W. Bush administration. Coming for the giant now, Google is a leader with regards to 2016 elections.

Now the question is not who’s using social network, the question is who’s using social network most effectively.